Welcome to the Ours By Accident Song Shop, where we write unique, custom, personalized songs on-demand for any occasion: birthday presents, wedding anniversaries, novelty items, lullabies, theme songs, video scores, gag gifts.

Songs can be requested in any style with any lyrical content. Choose the desired song option listed below. By clicking the Buy Now button below, you can pay $25 to begin a conversation with Ours By Accident via email.

After ordering a song, a demo recording will be sent to ensure customer satisfaction with the lyrics and style. At this point, final changes can be requested or the song can be cancelled with a $20 refund given. (Currently, the Song Shop has had a 100% satisfaction rate.) If a song was ordered that costs more than $25, the remainder must be paid before the final recording is delivered.

If you would like to learn more about the Song Shop prior to making an initial payment, you can email oursbyaccident@gmail.com or read our About Us page.

Song Options
Acoustic Guitar + Vocals Only $25.00 USD
Multiple Instruments + Vocals $50.00 USD
Score/Instrumental Piece $50.00 USD
Full Band Recording $75.00 USD
Full Recording w/ Nelson Romantic $100.00 USD

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