Welcome to the Ours By Accident Song Shop, where we write unique, custom, personalized songs on-demand for any occasion: birthday presents, wedding anniversaries, novelty items, lullabies, theme songs, video scores, gag gifts.

Songs can be requested in any style with any lyrical content. After ordering a song, a demo recording will be sent to ensure customer satisfaction with the lyrics and style. If you want to discuss starting a Song Shop creation, email oursbyaccident@gmail.com. You can also head to our Samples and Testimonials page to hear samples of past work or read more at About Us.

This website also functions as a blog for Ours By Accident’s primary songwriter, Chase. The blog covers year-end favorites for albums and movies as well as a host of other musical, film, philosophical, or biographical topics. To hear Ours By Accident’s original, non-Song Shop music, you can head Bandcamp.